Individually, we are experts in the latest web, database and mobile platform technologies. Together, we have some pretty bright ideas.

Repurposed four brick walls in the revitalized heart of downtown Tulsa.


 Adam Nemec

Adam Nemec, Chief Executive Officer

Adam focuses on business development and company operations, as well as provides business acumen and software experience needed to guide ideas from concept to launch. He is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and one of the founding drivers behind other software products such as Mobicentric and Reach CRM.  

 Robert Lamar

Robert Lamar, Creative Director

Robert leads the information architecture and user experience for many of New Medio's custom projects. He is an expert in user interface engineering, paying close attention to detail, project goals and work flows to create systems with an optimal user experience.

 Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett, Technology Director

Jon provides technical oversight and strategic support for new applications and products. Most recently, he has been working on development for the cloud, mobile web and iOS applications. He is the author of Programming from the Ground Up, an introductory textbook on computer science using assembly language, which is used at Princeton University.

 Jonathan Ruggles

Jonathan Ruggles, Developer

As the second Jonathan on our team, he goes by Ruggles. Ruggles focuses primarily on iOS development, but he's also known to bring in some delightful homebrew beer from time to time.

 Jennifer Cyr

Jennifer Cyr, Project Manager

Jenn works as a primary liaison between the client, programmers and graphic designers, ensuring budgets, deadlines and scopes are met and expectations are exceeded. Along with her exemplary project and production management skills, Jenn also provides technical support for New Medio’s proprietary content management system, Reach. 

 Tyler Jackson

Tyler Jackson, Developer  

Tyler works extensively with New Medio’s proprietary content management system (Reach), leading new implementation and maintenance efforts. He works on both front- and back-end website development, and is fluent in multiple programming languages and platforms.

 Hillary Shelton

Hillary Shelton, Account Executive

Hillary has ultimate responsibility for pushing projects through production, managing clients, developers and designers as applications move from discovery through deployment. She also plays an active role in New Medio's business infrastructure, developing project scopes as well as brainstorming potential new software product lines for New Medio.

 Brian Littmann

Brian Littmann, Developer

Brian acts as the lead developer on various Rails, Django, and mobile Web projects at New Medio. Once a project has been scoped and designed, he works on all aspects of development from markup to backend development and server setup, with a knack for completeness.