New Medio provides business consulting as well as heavy development and design services to Equip Advantage as their initial app idea has blossomed into a revenue-generating product in less than one year. 

The project core began with building a mobile web directory for vendors to list their oil field equipment and services, and has since expanded to classified ads and energy industry job postings. Vendors pay a subscription for their listings on the application, while app users can search listings for free and find the equipment and services they need to get the job done. By renting even one piece of equipment, vendors can cover the costs of their subscription easily, making Equip an extremely cost-efficient solution to improve oil field operations.  



Equipment & Services

Company men looking for equipment can check inventory, see its location and directly contact the vendor via cell phone, email, text or landline about their listings.  The direct point of contact minimizes project planning time significantly.

Classified Ads Subscriptions

Equip's classified advertisements provide a platform for companies surrounding the oil field business to advertise their services, while company men can easily search the ads for various amenities needed on the rig.


Job Postings Subscriptions

Job listings are paid on a subscription basis as well, allowing companies to list available openings and link directly to the company website.  The listings are browsable by company or category, and public users can scan listings for free.

Location Based Results

Equipment and service listings are sorted by geo-location, based on either GPS or manual-input coordinates, providing users easy access to the most relevant listings to fit their needs, thereby reducing time and money wasted on tracking down available vendors.



Listing Management Tools

As a paid participant in Equip, vendors can create new listings, maintain the availability and location statuses of their equipment, as well as create and add salespeople to assign as contacts for each listing. Once assigned to a listing, a salesperson is emailed login information to the system and can then maintain the status of their assigned listing. This allows the vendor to delegate management of listings to the salespeople responsible for them.



Subscriptions & Accounts

Vendors can also manage their own account plans by logging in to their account. By default, recurring subscription payments are processed through through Braintree until the vendor chooses to cancel their subscription. Equip staff can also tailor custom plans by using ActiveAdmin. Should clients require a unique product or plan, Equip can allow for customizability and flexibility in their sales model.

Vendor Management & Accounting

Staff at Equip can create new vendors, edit existing vendors and develop custom reports to analyze their own accounting and financials from a variety of perspectives. For example, Equip can analyze every vendor, their activity, how vendors' billing cycles overlap and more to give Equip in-depth oversight of their product operations.



Work Samples

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