Moomat is an innovative company that is pushing the search for semantics in popular culture to unprecedented depth.  New Medio partnered with Moomat shortly after they had developed a rough prototype of their original iPad application.  New Medio's team of developers and designers produced version one of the Moomat iPad and Web applications, along with the complex backend system to manage the applications' millions of pieces of interconnected data. 

The project required heavy development resources in order to relate entities to one another as well as significant design time to craft an intuitive, cutting-edge user interface unlike anything else on the market at the time.  New Medio's domain experience in custom software development complemented the Moomat company vision as we consulted on the features and user experience of their initial product offering. 



The Data

Moomat's applications are managed through a complex backend system crafted by New Medio, capable of merging and interconnecting existing sets of data to unveil meaning between entity relationships.



New Medio developers wrangled integrations with a variety of third-party sources including Wikipedia and Spotify Web, pulling constantly updated data and serving it up in a consistent interface on the front-end.


Content Control

The Moomat backend equips the company's data team with the tools to validate data relationships as well as forge manual connections between the millions of entities in the system.



New Medio also crafted an API built on top of the Moomat backend that is capable of serving up the application to any Web or iOS interface.  The API has allowed other developers to work on additional versions of the app, including one for the iPhone.  



Immersive Media

Moomat was built in a highly extendable way, capable of integrating a variety of third-party services such as IMDB, Spotify, and Amazon products.  In practice, the initial version of the app included the ability to watch movie trailers via YouTube, preview music from iTunes and display books from Amazon, as well as simply the image and photo navigation of all artists, books, movies, soundtracks, etcetera within the system.  Background encyclopedic information is available for reading about any entity within Moomat.  This data is pulled and reconciled between iTunes, Freebase and Wikipedia to ensure accuracy.



Collections and Collaborations

Collections were a method for app users to bookmark their favorite items and forge their own personal connections between pieces of data in Moomat.  New Medio designed and developed the concept of collections as well as the collections manager for both iPad and Web interfaces.  All collections curated by the app users were public by default, however you could create private collections as well.  Users could also share collections with their friends and make collaborative collections to which multiple users could contribute content.  In essence, collections took the semantics of Moomat's data to yet another level by giving people a way to make and save their own discovery paths through the data while exploring the app.



Social Integration & Notification

From within Moomat, users could share and post interesting content as well as the collections they made to both Facebook and Twitter.  By signing in with their Facebook account, app users could automatically see all of their friends using the app, as well find their friends' collections, allowing for further collaboration amongst friend networks over common interests.  We also built in an internal notification system to alert users of updates to any collection they were involved in.



Work Samples

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