At the time that we purchased the building the neighborhood consisted of derelict buildings, empty lots and a large grass field.


In 2005 we bought a two story, 7,000 sq. ft. abandoned warehouse in the heart of the soon-to-be-redeveloped Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa.

Over 12 months we renovated our beloved building, rebuilding walls, floors, staircases and plumbing. It gave us a great opportunity to create a modern contemporary office space within an authentic 1920's style shell. 

Within 2 years, other businesses followed suit and the once depopulated district is now a thriving hub of energy, arts and innovation. Where the large grass field once stretched, the thoroughly modern Tulsa Driller's ballpark now stands. The empty lots are brand new hotels, restaurants and museums; and the empty buildings are bars, concert venues, boutique shops, lofts and offices. 

Now we walk or bike to lunch, grab groceries next door and go out for happy hour or to an art crawl or ballgame without ever having to leave our vibrant district or even get in a car (a rare thing in the midwest).

So, next time you are in Tulsa, swing by and we'll give you a quick tour, introduce you to our office cat and then head out for a quick bite or a locally brewed beer.