Philbrook MiX

New Medio teamed up with the Philbrook Museum of Art to create a complementary iPad app experience to enhance their MIX 2013 fundraising event. This heavily-designed project featured photography work by Jeremy Charles and Melissa Lukenbaugh, as well as the branding concept by Philbrook designer, Bhadri Verduzco. A team of New Medio designers used these resources to create a customized user interface and navigation, crafted specifically for the iPad. 

As the user interface was created, New Medio developers worked alongside our designers to program each of the app layouts in an agile, iterative methodology. These teams working closely together allowed for easy shifts in the direction of the project, keeping the scope of work as lean as possible while the project moved through production quickly to meet the client's deadline.


The Event

In only its second year, MIX 2013 was a sold-out event, packing a crowd of over 500 guests in the historic Cain's Ballroom in downtown Tulsa. The fundraiser directly benefited programming and operations funding at both Philbrook campuses. 


Local People

The best mixologists from establishments far and wide across Tulsa demonstrated their creativity with their craft, developing decadent cocktails with some pretty wild ingredients such as sweet potatoes, rhubarb, and toasted cashews.



Local Establishments

Users of the app can locate where each of the eighteen featured MIX 2013 establishments are through a simple Apple Maps integration, visit the establishment's website or get directions to each location with a tap of the finger. 


Drink Recipes

The app also serves as a digital recipe book, serving up the recipe for each upscale cocktail featured at the MIX 2013 event.  Users can learn various infusion techniques and glance at detailed prep shots of each mixologist preparing their concoction. 



Client Quotes

The New Medio team created a beautiful digital experience for our MIX 2013 constituents to enjoy, extracting elements from existing print designs and elevating their concepts into a well-constructed, functional and handsome user experience for the iPad.

- Bhadri Verduzco, Philbrook Graphic Designer



Work Samples

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