TMA Systems

TMA Systems partnered with New Medio to create a new mobile framework for their WebTMA GO product, a Web-based maintenance management software tool used by a number of TMA clients worldwide.  Designers and developers from New Medio worked in concert with two of TMA Systems' internal developers to take pieces from the extensive desktop version and an old Windows mobile version of the app in order to create the new iOS framework.


Merging Web & iOS Interface Elements

One of the biggest challenges faced in New Medio's project with TMA was actually merging Web and iOS interface elements in order to keep the familiarity of the existing Web app while also staying true to iOS best practices.



App Customizations = Scalability

The WebTMA GO app contains a number of reusable tools that TMA Systems can customize internally on a client-by-client basis, as well as manage their own versioning updates as their business model evolves.  New Medio has already developed custom versions of the app for specific TMA Systems clients.  The mere availability of app customization has been key in helping TMA Systems make a number of large sales with globally-recognized companies.



Working Together

With our senior developer managing the actual workflow of the two internal TMA developers, we were able to ensure that the client could continue to maintain their app internally, with or without New Medio as a partner.  However, New Medio remains a primary source of expertise as TMA Systems continues to develop and diversify new software product offerings.



Work Samples

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