As USA BMX has gone through a series of acquisitions and significant membership growth, the sport’s sanctioning body recognized it was time to upgrade their online presence and invest in a variety of tools to overhaul the way they organized their expansive organization on a day-to-day basis.

Through a series of agile development iterations, USA BMX partnered with New Medio to develop an evolving enterprise-level system to manage their business.  Years later, New Medio is still the sport's main technology vendor as USA BMX continues to move old internal processes to new streamlined systems.  

USA BMX is proud to have New Medio as our web development partner. New Medio has completely revamped our online presence and created amazing efficiencies for our staff. Through synchronization with our membership database, they developed amazing solutions for both our event registration and a seamless hotel booking engine. No matter the challenge you face, New Medio can create a solution that will enhance your business.
— John David, COO - USA BMX


Memberships & Registration

New Medio created an online membership renewal process to replace a formerly paper-and-pencil process.  In just one month after launching, the total number of membership renewals more than doubled from the previous year.  Prior to this system, BMX members could only renew via mail or in-person at their local track.


Mobile Event Registration

We also developed an online (and mobile) pre-sign process for members to register for races nationwide with only a few clicks.  Riders themselves, their parents, or team captains can register for any of the thousands of races that happen each year across the U.S. and Canada.  


Seamless Race Results

BMX staff members upload each week's point rankings via a custom-built uploading tool in the backend of their website. This new system efficiently satisfies riders' cravings nationwide to see their race results and how they are stacking up against the rest of the competition.


Custom Tools & Reporting

When you're running a sport across all of America, you have to deal with enormous amounts of data.  New Medio empowered USA BMX to generate a variety of custom reports for their track, racer and event data that can be exported and imported seamlessly. 



The Hub of BMX Web Enterprise

The primary hub of BMX's custom enterprise system lies behind their robust website, which was launched in time for the sport's second appearance as an Olympic event at the London 2012 Olympics.  The website has served as a partner to many national organizations, such as Michelle Obama's Partnership for a Healthier America and Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Play, as the sport of bicycle motocross has been featured as a great activity to keep kids fit and healthy.  Users can enter their zip code or state and locate any number of tracks and sign up for race events nearby.  The BMX staff is also able to manage and sell advertisement space for vendors throughout the website, making their online real estate further complement their business as a revenue source.  

The site's responsive design adapts to web or tablet interfaces, and acts as an effective marketing tool for attracting new riders to the organization.  The mobile USA BMX site is heavily customizable as well, allowing BMX staff to choose which pages on the full site appear on the mobile version.  Each of these pages have custom mobile style sheets to ensure that their appearance is top-notch on a mobile interface.



From paper-and-pencil to the Web

Possibly the most valuable features of the USA BMX system built by New Medio lie in the online adaptations of formerly archaic paper-and-pencil systems.  Not only do our custom reporting tools integrate seamlessly with BMX's internal office systems, but track operators across the U.S. can use our race scheduler to submit race requests to the BMX office.  A BMX admin accepts or rejects the race from being scheduled, and if accepted, the race gets put on the national schedule of sanctioned BMX events.  

Each track that is associated with USA BMX is also given their own website (or "microsite") through the same backend system built by New Medio.  The sites are pre-populated with their own unique track information, all while being hosted and covered by the parent USA BMX site.  Track operators can pick from a variety of New Medio-created templates for their website skin, and then upload and manage their own news, social media, photos, videos and track data.



A Working Partnership

New Medio continues to be a preferred technology vendor for USA BMX - American Bicycle Association, with new features and custom projects to roll out later this fall.

As Chief Executive Officer of USA BMX, Bernard A. Anderson said, "With New Medio’s help we have been able to create a site that offers easy to find information for parents as well as lots of eye candy for new and potential members… Tulsa has hosted the ABA Grand Nationals at Expo Square since 1998 and it was actually the Tulsa Sports Commission who introduced us to New Medio.  With their leadership’s enthusiasm for all types of cycling, New Medio seemed like a perfect fit."  


Work Samples

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